Are IVC filters appropriate for trauma victims?

Originally, IVC filters were supposed to be used only for people who had a high risk for blood clots who, for whatever reason, could not take medication for that condition.

Big money medical device companies wanted more—so they pushed for using IVC filters in all kinds of other cases.  One of those categories where big companies tried to push the market was in trauma patients.

The idea, of course, is that trauma patients are at a higher risk for blood clots, so maybe we should just jam these things in people who have been in catastrophic accidents, just in case. 

can i sue my doctor

The problem is there is no evidence that this actually helps anyone (other than the pocketbooks of those who get paid to implant IVC filters).

And in fact, putting IVC filters into trauma patients actually can make things worse.

If you have had a blood clot filter implanted because you were a trauma victim, you may have a claim for damages.  Consult a lawyer to be sure.


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