Anonymous complaints alleging abuse or neglect at nursing homes no longer would be investigated under a bill sponsored by an Illinois lawmaker

Posted in: Nursing Home Neglect on: April 28, 2016.

H.B. 5601, introduced in February of this year by Rep. Mike Unes (R) and backed by the nursing home industry, would require identifying information from people filing complaints about neglect or abuse in a nursing home.  Under this proposed legislation authorities would not initiation investigations alleging abuse should the complaint be filed anonymously. This would allow nursing home investigators to be able to contact people who filed complaints to obtain more information and it could

National Medical Device Evaluation System Created

Posted in: Defective Products on: April 22, 2016.

The national medical device evaluation system (NMDES) planning board, assembled by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), will be coordinated by patient communities, government agencies, device manufacturers, and researchers.  The stated purpose of this system is to act as a long-term and broad-based strategic coordinator of efforts to bring together, organize, evaluate, and secure medical device data. The need to implement this system reflects the current limitations in tracking reliable data with regard to

Recent Media Reports Highlight the Inherent Unfairness of Mandatory Arbitration in Nursing Home Disputes

Posted in: Mandatory arbitration, Nursing Home Neglect on: February 3, 2016.

Legislation has been introduced to combat forced arbitration clause abuses. NPR reporter Ina Jaffe’s recent piece, “Suing a Nursing Home Could Get Easier under Proposed Federal Rules,” told the story of Dean Cole, who was admitted to a nursing home due to his dementia. Two weeks later, he’d lost 20 pounds and  went into a coma. He died within the month.  The nursing home admission contract Dean’s wife signed contained a buried forced arbitration clause.

Modified Bard G2 Series IVC Filter Linked to More Deaths

Posted in: IVC Filter, Uncategorized on: January 6, 2016.

NBC News has an update on its year-long investigation of IVC filter manufacturer CR Bard.    CR Bard replaced the Recovery filter with G2 version that it knew had potentially fatal defects soon after it was publicly available Bard’s  Recovery IVC Filter, also had fatal flaws Bard was aware of, yet it remained on the market until they could release the G2 In response to NBC’s original broadcast, Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), sent a letter

How to Safely Share the Road with Wildlife

Posted in: Car Accidents on: November 24, 2015.

As if it weren’t already challenging enough to navigate roads with pedestrians, cyclists, all types of vehicles, drivers must also share the roads with wildlife. Although nighttime, fall, and winter are prominent times for wildlife-vehicle collisions, these incidents can happen at any time and place without warning. Types of Wildlife on the Road Not only can wild animals find their way onto highways and interstates, but even domestic animals that stray a bit too far

Government concerned with nursing home medication errors

Posted in: Nursing Home Neglect on: November 4, 2015.

It can be a heart wrenching decision to place loved ones in nursing homes when they are no longer able to independently care for themselves, but individuals do have the reasonable expectation that nursing home workers will take the necessary steps to keep their loved ones safe while under their care. The unfortunate and tragic truth, however, is that nursing home neglect happens every day. In many cases, medication errors that lead to injury or

Bard’s IVC Filters: Troubling, possibly fraudulent activities may have put lives at risk

Posted in: IVC Filter on: November 3, 2015.

This fall, NBC News completed a year-long investigation of medical device manufacturer CR Bard’s Recovery IVC filter.   IVC Filters intended to be temporary, not permanent Bard is the subject of many IVC lawsuits 250,000 IVC filters are implanted in patients each year The number of fatalities and complications are growing This device is designed to sit in the vena cava and block blood clots from making their way into the heart or lungs.  The Recovery device

Deadly car crash in Illinois tied to cell phone distracted driving?

Posted in: Distracted Driving, Uncategorized on: August 21, 2015.

Fatal car crash in Illinois claims life of 61-year-old man Pedestrian walking along Illinois 140 when collision occurred Authorities believe distracted driving by cell phone use to blame, plan to seek felony charge against driver A pedestrian was struck and killed in Alton last month, according to police.  Authorities anticipate felony charges against the 28 year-old driver and have indicated the driver may have been using a cell phone at the time of the accident.  The

NIOSH blames silica exposure, silicosis for 100 American deaths each year

Posted in: Silicosis, Uncategorized on: August 20, 2015.

• Crystalline silica exposure can lead to deadly lung disease silicosis • NIOSH releases new report about continuing silicosis risk • About 100 American deaths each year traced to silicosis, according to NIOSH   Dust inhalation can lead to silicosis, a dangerous and potentially fatal lung disease. A new report from The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) reveals that silicosis causes or partially contributes to around 100 American deaths per year, and

Driver fatigue played role in truck accident involving Tracy Morgan

Posted in: Truck accidents, Uncategorized on: August 18, 2015.

• NTSB releases its report on truck accident involving Tracy Morgan • Report claims that truck driver fatigue largely to blame • Walmart settles personal injury and wrongful death claims in wake of crash   Morgan, known for his work on “Saturday Night Live” and “30 Rock”, was seriously injured, and left with brain damage. Morgan’s mentor, Jimmy “Mack” McNair lost his life in the crash. Now, over a year later, the NTSB has said

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