Can I sue the manufacturer of my IVC filter? Can I sue my doctor?

Can I sue the manufacturer of my IVC filter?

If you have had an IVC filter implanted into your body, you may have a claim against the manufacturer entitling you to sue. The best way to assess whether you can sue is to consult a lawyer.

Under the laws of Missouri and Illinois, many IVC filters are defectively designed, labeled or manufactured.  These defects can lead to serious complications.  Even if you have not yet experienced one of these complications, you may be entitled to sue, depending on the facts of your case.

Can I sue my doctor for implanting an IVC filter?

It is very possible that could have a claim against a physician who implanted an IVC filter.

There are numerous recent studies and recommendations establishing that IVC filters should only be used in extreme cases, and should not be used as a preventative measure. Additionally, for certain periods of time, it would have been inappropriate to implant certain IVC filters at all. Whether you have a claim against a physician would depend on which filter was implanted, and when it was implanted, among other things.

Physicians have a duty to inform their patients of the risks; if they fail to do so, and harm results, the patient may have a claim based on lack of informed consent.

These and other facts could play into whether you have a claim against a doctor.

A large nationwide firm, however, is not going to be particularly interested in suing a doctor, because they handle their cases on volume.

Their business model may depend on ignoring the unique circumstances of your treatment, because they need to combine many similar cases. 

At the Dysart Law Firm we have over 25 years of experience with medical malpractice cases, and can keep your IVC filter case local.  We put attention to detail into the specific facts of your case, including all possible defendants.  We will examine whether or not there is potential liability with your physicians.

The Dysart Law Firm will not just shovel your case onto the pile, but will diligently and competently pursue your individual claim.

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