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As a St. Louis drunk driving accident attorney, I see the devastation caused by drivers who choose to drive drunk.  Innocent people are injured and killed as a result of these terrible choices.  When this happens, I and our firm fight back.  Hard.

Of all the accidents that happen, drunk driving accidents are perhaps the hardest to accept because there is nothing “accidental” at all about these incidents.

People choose to drive drunk.  Bars choose to serve patrons that are already intoxicated so that they can make a little extra money.

At our firm we take drunk driving cases personally.  We know that the next time drunk driving occurs, it could be us or our family members who are injured or killed.

How We Fight to Collect the Maximum Amount of Damages for Our Clients in Drunk Driving Cases

In order to collect the maximum amount of damages for our clients in drunk driving cases, we must first gather all of the evidence that exists.  This includes examining accident scenes, hiring accident re constructionists, obtaining police reports, viewing evidence that has been obtained by police agencies (such as blood alcohol content reports), and interviewing witnesses.  We want to find out everything we can about the individual’s behavior in the hours preceding the drunk driving accident. We also will typically use circumstantial evidence in drunk driving cases to help prove intoxication.

We want to find out where the alcohol was consumed, and who was responsible for providing the alcohol.  If the driver became intoxicated at one or more bars, we want to interview witnesses to learn more about the amount of alcohol consumed.  We will depose and call as witnesses at trial those who have been out with the drunk driver prior to the incident, if helpful.  We will investigate receipts at bars and restaurants that provide an indication of how much alcohol the person consumed.  If warranted, we will sue the bar(s) and restaurant(s) if they served alcohol to the drunk driver after he or she was already visibly intoxicated.  This is referred to as dram shop liability.

In some instances, the drunk driver is underage.  In these cases, we want to find out how the person obtained alcohol illegally.  This may provide an additional source of defendants who may be liable for the resulting damages caused.

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We will meet with you for free, and you will not owe us any fees unless and until we recover damages for you.  If you hire our firm, we will work tirelessly to identify all those responsible in your drunk driving accident, and we will seek to hold them accountable to the fullest extent possible for their actions.

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