Accidents Caused by Road Construction Companies

A necessary part of our road system is the construction and maintenance that must take place, particularly as new roads are built, existing roads are widened, and interchanges are added.  When road construction is being undertaken, those responsible for the construction have a duty to ensure traffic safety.  This often includes placing barricades, cones, and temporary traffic control devices (such as stop signs).  In some places, workers may control the flow of traffic through a road construction zone.  Detours, even to the shoulder of the road, are common.

Unfortunately, road construction is not always made safe. As a result, there are many accidents caused by road construction companies and their workers.

The paths which drivers must take through road construction zones are not always clearly marked.  In some cases, the vision of a driver may be obscured.  Flashing lights placed on barricades and other traffic control items may not function at night.  Any of these conditions can result in car accidents.

Road construction zones can be particularly dangerous at night, especially as construction workers who may be directing and controlling traffic are typically not working.  Because of decreased visibility, even local area residents can become confused as to where they should be driving as they navigate through cones and barricades.  Flashing lights on barricades can also cause distraction and visual impairment.

Our Investigation of Accidents Involving Road Construction

As a result, when a car or truck accident happens in or near roadway construction, we must also investigate to see whether the conditions surrounding the construction played a part in causing the accident.  As with our other investigations, we seek to uncover as much evidence as possible concerning the conditions of the road at that time of the accident.  If it appears that the company responsible for the construction or its employees were negligent, they may also be liable for the accident and the injuries sustained.

Call Us So That We May Learn About Your Accident, and So That We Can Determine if Construction Company May Be at Fault

We will meet with you at your convenience, and there is no fee to us unless and until we recover damages for you.  We will conduct a thorough investigation into the facts and circumstances of your accident, and seek to hold accountable all parties involved for their share of liability.

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