Wrongful Death – How Our Firm Represents the Families Who Have Lost a Loved One

The saddest cases that we handle concern those in which a loved one has been killed suddenly by the negligent or reckless actions of someone else.  The victims in these cases come from all aspects of life — mothers, fathers, and even children.

The sudden loss for those left behind can be staggering.  The emotional loss can never be fulfilled.  In a case involving the death of the family breadwinner, a family can be plunged into financial despair quickly, particularly if the family has little or no insurance.

We understand.

I and our firm have represented families who have tragically lost members, including those who have suffered from the loss of a child.  For those left behind, their matter is more than just another case to us.  They are real people who have suffered greatly and who deserve nothing less than an attorney who will work as hard as possible to achieve for them the full measure of damages to which they are entitled.

In a case involving a parent suddenly taken, there may be minor children with living expenses and future college tuition to pay.  In all cases, the families left behind deserve to how and why their loved one was killed, and to have a thorough investigation conducted to determine all those responsible for their loved one’s death.

In many cases, such as vehicle accidents, there are many parties responsible for contributing to the accident, not just a single driver.  For example, in addition to another driver, those responsible for a vehicle accident involving a commercial truck might include truck driver’s company, those responsible for roadway design or maintenance, and the makers of the vehicle in which the family member was killed if there are products like defective seat belts or air bags.  It is our duty to our clients and their families to hold all of those who have contributed to the death accountable their share of the liability.

A Wrongful Death Can Shatter the Lives of the Families Left Behind.  Call Us Today So That We May Begin the Process of Seeking to Hold Accountable All Those Responsible.

In a wrongful death case, we will do whatever is possible under the law and within the boundaries of legal ethics in order to identify and hold accountable all those responsible for a wrongful death.  We conduct careful investigation and bring suit against all parties, which can include negligent drivers, truck companies, big auto companies and manufacturers, and municipalities.  It is only by bringing suit against all of these types of potential defendants that our clients can obtain the full value of compensation due to them under the law.

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