Distracted Driving in Pedestrian Accidents

Driving distractions such as cell phones, music devices, and fast food have all become a major part of American culture. Cell phone use has rapidly increased from 38 million users in the 1980s to 210 million users in the late 1990s, demonstrating the dependence people have on these devices. As a part of this trend, safety concerns related to talking or texting on cell phones, using global positioning devices (GPS) for navigation, and listening to music while driving, have grown and continue to be documented.

Distracted driving thus is a significant cause of pedestrian accidents.  Put simply, most drivers are unable to effectively and safely perform multiple tasks while driving at the same time.

These limits of human cognitive capacity have been well documented for the past four decades. This research demonstrates that the brain’s ability to perform two or more tasks at the same time generally results in a decreased performance of each task, depending on the complexity of the task and how the brain allocates priorities to each task. During every moment of the “driving task,” vehicle operators are constantly being challenged by a changing environment and road conditions; by the actions of other drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians; and by the actions and behavior of passengers and objects in the car.

Many drivers also operate their vehicles under less than ideal conditions, such as being tired or being physically or emotionally stressed. The sum effect of all these factors makes driving an extremely complex task even under the best of conditions.

Pedestrian accidents caused by distracted drivers can be devastating; resulting in serious injury or even loss of life.

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