Truck Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance

Every trucking company has a duty to have a regular or scheduled program to keep vehicles in safe operating condition in compliance with federal regulations. The regulations do not contain specific intervals for scheduled maintenance because the intervals are determined by vehicle use, and in some instances, are vehicle specific. Parts and accessories need to be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Trucking companies that lease vehicles either must inspect, repair, or maintain vehicles, and keep suitable records for all vehicles subject to their control for 30 consecutive days or more, or must have another party perform such activities. The trucking company carrier is solely responsible for ensuring that the vehicles under its control are in safe operating condition and that defects have been corrected.

In addition to company vehicle inspections, other regulations require roadside vehicle inspections.

Obtaining Inspection Records

Obtaining inspection records is fundamental to almost every truck accident case.  Without these records, we may otherwise not  know about critical factors that may have led to a crash.

As your attorney, I will seek to obtain records concerning the truck in question so that we can further your case.  It’s important, however, that you contact us as soon after an accident as possible so that we may begin collecting evidence before it disappears.

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I can then advise you of the legal avenues available for recovery.  There will be no fees that are owed to us until we recover damages for you.

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