Uncovering Safety Violations by Truck Drivers and Trucking Companies

Uncovering safety violations by truck drivers and trucking companies is a crucial aspect of any truck accident case. In order to uncover violations, an understanding of the applicable “rules of the road” governing truck drivers and truck companies is required.  As an experienced truck accident lawyer, I understand these “rules of the road,” and know how to conduct a thorough investigation into whether these rules may have been violated.

Accidents involving commercial trucks and truck drivers are much different than car accidents, not only because of the physical characteristics and size of the large trucks that are often involved, but also because of the rules and regulations that govern commercial truck driving activity.  As an example, truck drivers are required to maintain detailed logs and to comply with “hours of service” regulations which do not apply to non-commercial drivers.

As an attorney with more than twenty years of legal experience, I am familiar with the rules and regulations governing truck driving, how records must be kept, how to spot inconsistencies and falsification of records, and where to look for information that may reveal evidence of safety violations.  When our firm is retained in a truck accident case, we first seek to identify the evidence likely to be critical to a case; we then work to prevent the truck driver and trucking company from destroying, hiding, or altering this evidence.

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