Accident Reconstructionist and Witness Testimony

An expert accident reconstructionist can rely on such lay witness testimony concerning the point of impact in making calculations of speed and distance.  Accident reconstruction experts can also testify concerning the presence of gouge marks being in the exact location where a lay witness testified the point of impact occurred. An accident reconstructionist can use an aerial photograph of the place where the accident occurred to show where they located evidence, such as gouge marks and skid marks and to use it to indicate to the jury the gouge marks were found where a lay witness testified the point of impact occurred.

Proving Your Case Through Accident Reconstruction

Accident reconstruction can be very powerful method of helping to prove a client’s case.  As a result, in the course of our investigation and consultation with experts, we seek to collect sufficient evidence if possible so that we can introduce at trial our view of how we believe that an accident occurred.

To learn more about accident reconstruction and the investigation that we will conduct on your behalf, please call me so that we can schedule a free consultation at your convenience.

There shall obligation to use our services.  Once I learn about the facts and circumstances of your case, I can explain how we will work tirelessly for you, and the legal options that you may have available for seeking recovery from all those responsible for your injuries.

Our firm serves clients on a contingency fee basis (we only received these if we recover for our clients).

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