Preventing “Black Box” Evidence From Being Destroyed

As a St. Louis car accident attorney, it’s important that we act promptly to prevent black box evidence from being destroyed.  If the vehicle’s battery is disconnected at the scene of a collision before the data is downloaded, the electrical interruption usually will reset, reboot, or wipe out the existing record of collision data.  Often, police, fire response teams, and wrecking services disconnect the battery before moving the vehicle from the scene.

Because of the critical importance that black box data can have in winning a case, we must not let this evidence be destroyed. As a result, we must promptly secure the vehicles involved in an accident, which often requires that we obtain a Temporary Restraining Order to establish custody and control of the vehicle.

Once we have this information, we must carefully analyze it to see, for example, information about whether a driver was wearing a seat belt.  In some instances this information is not always accurate, such as if power to the black box has been interrupted.

Obtaining Black Box Data Recorders Can Be Critical in Proving Fault

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