Temporary Restraining Orders for Accident Vehicles

The condition of a vehicle involved in an accident can have tremendous evidentiary value for proving the case of someone injured or the family of a loved one who has been killed.  This can be especially true if there is a possible defect that caused or contributed to injuries, such as a malfunctioning seat belt or tire. However, if the vehicle is not secured in a secure, climate-controlled environment, the condition of the vehicle (and any components that may have been defective), may deteriorate to such a condition as they are no longer helpful for evidentiary purposes.

Following an accident, an insurance company or other entity may seek to take control of a damaged vehicle.  As a St. Louis car accident lawyer, I may seek a temporary restraining order for accident vehicles from a court of law that will preclude any potential person or party that might foreseeably seek possession or access to the subject vehicle from doing so. This legal action will include any parties currently in possession, custody, or control of the vehicle involved in the collision.

The restraining order may also specify how the vehicles are to be stored, the limited access that would be given to the vehicles, and a prohibition for all parties in taking any actions that would alter the vehicle.  The temporary restraining order would not only apply to the owners of the vehicles and their insurance companies, but also to automakers, product manufacturers, and police departments or other investigative agencies, if necessary.

Why Temporary Restraining Orders Are Sometimes Necessary

While it is important to prevent anyone from selling, disposing of, or altering the vehicle and all component parts, it is also important for the order to specify that I (or any investigators or experts hired by me or our firm) have the right to inspect the vehicle and to purchase and relocate the vehicle to an appropriate storage site that is secure, with limited access, and climate control.  In auto accidents involving two or more vehicles, I may decide to secure and preserve all other vehicles that were involved in the collision in a similar manner, if possible.

Preserving evidence is critical.  If you have been injured in a traffic accident or a loved one has been killed, please call me for a free private consultation regarding your case.

With over 20 years of experience as a trial lawyer, I will take all legal measures in seeking win and to maximize your monetary recovery, including working to secure the vehicles for evidentiary purposes.  After learning about your case, I can explain how I and our firm will pursue all reasonable avenues of recovery against those responsible for your injuries and damages.

You will not owe us any fees unless and until we recover for you.

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