The Role of the Police in Determining Fault for Car and Truck Accidents

In some cases, a car or truck accident victim may assume that because another driver received a ticket, that other driver is automatically liable (or “guilty”) for causing the accident.  In other instances, the victim may be upset that even though the other driver caused the accident, the other driver did not even receive a ticket.

It’s important to understand that the scope of many law enforcement investigations is limited to determining whether a violation of the law occurred and whether a prosecution will be initiated.  In many cases, the actions of a driver at fault may not be a violation of the law, or the police officer may not have enough evidence to charge the person with a violation of the law.

As an example, in a car crash involving two cars crash in the middle of an intersection, if there are no witnesses to the accident, it may be difficult or impossible to determine which of the cars may have ran the red light.  In this instance, the investigating officer may not give either driver a ticket.

In all cases, it is not the role of law enforcement to assess the damages that may have been caused.  Thus while an accident report may be important in helping to establish fault, the report itself is not going to “prove” liability.  Liability is only proven in court when a jury determines who is liable.

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