If my car accident case is filed as a lawsuit, what will I have to do?

As your law firm, we do the great majority of the work on your car accident lawsuit. There will, however, be something’s you will have to do, such as:

  • Provide us with information. From time to time we need information from you. Most of this information can be relayed by telephone or email. If necessary, we will schedule personal meetings with you, however this is not necessary for most communications. If you live out of town and we need to meet personally with you, we will either come to where you live, or we will arrange for your travel and accommodations to meet with us in person. We pay all of the up-front costs for this.
  • Do your best to tell us everything. Nothing will hurt your car accident case more than not being totally truthful and upfront with us. There will be some pieces of information that will not be beneficial to your case. If you are tell us about it, we can take appropriate action to protect your case and limit or, if possible, prevent the information from hurting your case.  It is the information that we do not know, but the defendant or insurance company finds out, (and believe me they have their ways to find out) that will hurt your case.
  • Attend your deposition. In most cases, the other side has the right to take your deposition and ask you questions on the record. Usually it happens in our offices but it can also take place at the defendant’s lawyer’s offices. We will prepare you for your deposition, and Mr. Dysart will personally sit next to you during your entire deposition. We will be there with you and fully involved in the entire deposition process.
  • Make decisions based on our recommendations. The main decision you will need to make at the end of your case is whether to accept the other side’s final settlement offer. Once we know that number, we will give you our recommendation on whether you should accept it. And we will tell you everything that forms the basis for our recommendation. This way, you will have the information you need in order to make an informed decision. And remember, the final decision is 100% your decision.
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