Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) Filters

The Dysart Law Firm, an experienced law firm practicing in the area of product liability for over 25 years, is accepting inferior vena cava filter cases in the greater St. Louis and Southern Illinois areas.  If you have had a blood clot filter implanted into your body, you may have a claim for money damages.

These devices have been known for over a decade to be very risky and not very helpful.  Yet manufacturers continue to market IVC filters and doctors continue to implant them.  If you have had an IVC filter implanted, consult with the Dysart Law Firm for a free, no obligation case evaluation.

Studies have shown that these vena cava filters can tilt or migrate (move around) inside the body, and can fracture (break apart).

This can lead to perforation, which means the device can punch holes in your internal organs.  At least one study found that perforation is the rule rather than the exception.

Device manufacturers claim that blood clot filters are good for patients with DVT (deep vein thrombosis) but studies show that long term use of IVC filters actually increases the risk of DVT. 

Some IVC filters are marketed as removable, but it turns out that it might actually be impossible to remove them.  This is a big problem because the whole point of having a retrievable filter is to avoid the risks of long-term implantation.

According to the FDA, retrievable IVC filters should be removed as soon as the high risk of blood clots has passed, or within 29 to 54 days.  The FDA has also said that some IVC filters that are marketed as removable cannot be legally removed, because the equipment needed to remove them was never approved by the FDA.

What this means is that you may not need to have had any complications from your blood clot filter in order to have a claim for money damages.  These things are being sold as removable, because leaving them in is too dangerous.  But the manufacturers have put profits so far above safety that they never bothered to get FDA approval for the special equipment they manufacture, necessary to remove them.

If you have had an IVC filter implanted in your body, whether or not you know that you have suffered any complications, your life may be at risk right now.  Consult the Dysart Law Firm today, for free, to start getting some answers about your rights.

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