As my lawyer, what do you do if my car accident case is filed as a lawsuit?

If we file a lawsuit to resolve your car accident case, we do almost all of the work. You will only have to do a few things to help us win your case.

Here are the primary things we do in your case either before or after we file the case as a lawsuit:

  • Conduct an investigation of your case, including obtaining police reports, witness statements, investigating the scene or the collision and hiring any experts needed to assist with our investigation of the case such as an accident reconstruction expert.
  • Obtaining your medical records, ambulance records and any fire department records.
  • File your lawsuit at the courthouse located in the best possible venue or location for your case.
  • Conduct “discovery” to get the information and documents we need from the other side to help win your case.
  • Take depositions of witnesses including the defendant, any company employees, witnesses to the car crash, and any experts hired by the other side.
  • Prepare you for your own deposition and help you throughout that process.
  • Get copies of your wage documents to prove your lost wage claim, if you are asserting one.
  • Prepare, file and argue all necessary legal papers that relate to the issues in your specific case.
  • Attempt to settle your case through a demand sent to the other side and possibly scheduling a mediation of your case, and negotiate it to obtain the highest possible compensation for you.
  • If your car accident case does not settle, we will take it to trial.
  • Pay all of the up-front expenses necessary to position your case for success.
  • Spend as much time as necessary in order to win your case, for which you will not be charged unless you win.
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