Is it possible to settle my car accident case without filing a lawsuit?

Sometimes car wreck cases can be settled without filing a lawsuit. When we accept your case, we will certainly analyze the facts of the case to determine whether it’s in your best interests to try to settle it without filing a lawsuit. If it looks like there is a reasonable chance this can be done, we will discuss this with you and, if you approve, attempt to settle your case without filing a lawsuit. In other words, if a lawsuit is not required to force the defendant to pay you the compensation you deserve, we won’t file one. This way, you should be able to receive your compensation sooner rather than later.

On the other hand, if, in our opinion, it does not appear possible to get you the compensation your case calls for without filing a lawsuit, then we will discuss this opinion with you and get your approval before filing a lawsuit. Unfortunately, insurance companies, trucking companies and other defendants are often unwilling to pay full compensation for a case without a lawsuit filed. But don’t worry, even if a lawsuit is filed, the great majority of cases settle without a trial.  And, even if a trial is necessary to get you the compensation you deserve, Mr. Dysart, a former federal prosecutor and nationally recognized personal injury trial lawyer, has the experience necessary to represent you at trial.

The difference between these two ways to get your case settled is time. Obviously, it takes longer to resolve your claim if a lawsuit is filed. But don’t be disappointed just because your injury claim has to be filed, because if this is the case, it’s a sign that you are entitled to a fairly large sum of compensation. This is because most cases that end up in lawsuits are bigger cases involving more serious injuries.

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