Investigating a Truck Driver Trip

A truck driver’s trip will leave a paper trail of trip expenses, which may include fuel, food, lodging, any maintenance or repairs, any permits needed, and other receipts. The driver will have orders for pickup or delivery, bills of lading and / or manifest of the trip, loading and unloading records, detention records, freight bills, instructions, orders or advice given to the driver (written or electronic), and dispatch records (written or electronic). All of these documents constitute evidence which will be helpful to determine if the logbooks are accurate or not.

Drivers are required to keep detailed truck driver logs of their trips.  Under the rules and regulations governing their conduct, they are not allowed to drive more than a certain number of hours in a day, or more than a certain number of hours within a specified number of days.  These regulations are commonly referred to as the “Hours of Service” regulations.

Because truckers can make more money if they drive longer and violate these hours of service regulations, there will be a temptation for them to do so.  They may falsify their logbooks to show that they were in compliance with the regulations.  However, in truck accident cases, it is often important to verify that the logbooks are accurate by seeking other supporting documentation.

We Take Aggressive Action in Truck Accident Cases

Truck accident cases require quick and aggressive legal action to obtain and preserve evidence. The trucking company’s “go team” will spring into action.  As an experienced truck accident law firm, we have our own “go team” to level the playing field and fight back on behalf of our clients.

In order to be the most effective, we need to get started as soon as possible after an accident so that important evidence is not lost or destroyed.  As soon as our firm is retained, we immediately take steps and legal action, when necessary, toward this goal, and toward seeking to obtain for our clients the maximum recovery for their damages.

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