Rollover-Fired Seat Belt Pretensioners

Rollover‑fired seat belt pretensioners were developed in the past 10 years to address many of the retractor issues related to rollovers. They are activated when a rollover is sensed and automatically pull in and lock the seat belt.

Seat‑integrated, or “all‑belts‑to‑seats” systems, are systems where the seat belt housing is located in the seat and not the B‑Pillar. “Web grabbers” also help alleviate the chances of spooling.

All of these are safer alternative designs that help to significantly reduce occupant excursion in a collision event.

Choosing Profit Over Safety

When we investigate a seat belt design defect case, we want to determine whether safer alternative designs were economically and technologically feasible at the time the vehicle was manufactured.  If such other designs were available, we want to find out why they were not used by the automobile manufacture.

In many cases, this reason is that they would have added a small incremental cost to the vehicle.  In other words, the vehicle manufacturer chose to make higher profits at the risk of injury and death to consumers.  If this is the case, we feel that they should be made to pay for their decision to choose profit over safety.

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We will meet with you at your convenience for a no-risk, no charge private consultation so that we can learn about your case, and so that you can learn how we will work as hard as possible to see that manufacturers pay for their decisions to put profit over safety.  We can explain the options available to seek recovery, and how we will seek to hold those responsible for your injuries fully accountable.

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