Rollover Protection from Window Glazing and Door Latches

In a rollover accident, the side and rear windows may break out because they are usually made of tempered glass designed to break into small pieces.  This creates the potential for a belted occupant to be partially ejected.

Technology that combines glass and plastic by way of lamination and glazing has proven to be highly effective in reducing the risk of ejection. For example, laminated safety glass has been used in windshields for more than 30 years, and windshield ejections are not common.  Nonetheless, most side windows in passenger vehicles are made of tempered glass rather than either a glass‑and‑plastic combination or laminated glass.

Door Latches

In a rollover, it is critical that the doors remain closed. Door latches that open in rollovers can allow occupants to be either partially or completely ejected.  As a result, if a door has been flung open during the course of an accident, we want to understand how this occurred.

In Most Cases, Rollover Accidents Should be Survivable

Similarly, severe injury should also be preventable.  The fact is, however, that if the safety cage, restraint systems, and other aspects of the vehicle do not all work properly, severe injury and death can result.

Our firm is experienced in conducting thorough accident investigations, including accidents in which a rollover has occurred. To find out how we can represent you in the course of seeking to collect compensation from those responsible for your damages and injuries, please call me to set up a free private consultation.

There is no obligation, and there are no fees for us unless and until we recover for you.  Because it is important to preserve evidence relating to your case, an attorney should be hired as soon as possible after an accident so that critical evidence does not get lost or destroyed.

If you hire our firm, we will work as hard as we can to obtain the full measure of damages that you deserve.

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