Trip Information

In addition to driver logs, in representing those injured or killed in truck accident cases we seek to obtain all the paperwork generated when a load is shipped. This includes trip information such as fuel receipts, bills of lading, any type of computer communications between the driver and the carrier, delivery manifests, satellite tracking information, and copies of the trip envelopes.

These documents are used by carriers to cross‑reference driver logs to see if the driver is maintaining the logs accurately.  If there is a discrepancy, such as if a driver is in fact exceeding the hours of service rules to earn more money, a carrier should recognize the discrepancy and take proper action.

Verifying the Accuracy of Driver Log Books

In litigation, we too use this trip information in seeking to verify the accuracy of driver log books.  When our investigation shows that a driver exceeded the hours of service rules in the days prior to an accident, this can be strong evidence that the driver was suffering from driver fatigue, and may possibly support an award for punitive damages.  It can also call into question the honesty of the driver if the driver is falsifying these important books.

Verifying Driver Logs with Trip Information is Only One Aspect of Our Investigation

In order to prevail at trial in a truck accident case, we must prove damages and liability.  To do so, we conduct a complete investigation into all aspects of a truck accident.

To find out more about how we represent clients and conduct truck accident investigations, please call me. I will meet with you for free, and can advise you of our legal options once I learn about your case.  There is no fee for our firm unless we are successful in recovering damages for you.

Please call us as soon as possible after your accident.  It is important to start the legal process – particularly the investigation of the accident – right away so that key evidence can be gathered, secured, and preserved.  I look forward to learning about your case, and explaining what our firm can do to help you recover the damages that are owed to you.

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