What Factors Should Be Examined in a Tire Defect Case?

The first factor that should be examined in a tire defect case is the tire and its condition.  Are there large pieces of tread missing? Does the tire have air pressure or will it still hold air? How old is the tire (determined by the DOT number)?

Second, the tire and all tread pieces should be secured and stored in a climate‑controlled area. This evidence must be carefully secured as soon as possible after an accident, so that a thorough investigation can be undertaken before the tire degrades.

Third, those involved in the accident should be interviewed, particularly those in the vehicle that may have had the defective tire.  Often these passengers report hearing a loud banging or slapping noise in the tire wheel well immediately before the tire failed and control of the vehicle was lost. This indicates that the tread was coming off and hitting the wheel well as the tire rotated. Additionally, the vehicle occupants should be questioned about how the car felt and acted during and after the tire event.

Finally, all witnesses to the accident should be located and questioned about what they saw.

Tire Defect Cases Can Be Complicated.  It’s Important to Retain an Experienced Attorney if a Tire Defect May Have Contributed to the Accident.

If a tire defect may have played a role in your case, I would urge you to call our firm.  We will meet with you for a private consultation at your earliest opportunity so that we can learn about your case.  There is no obligation for this consultation, and no fee unless we recover damages for you.

Because tire defect cases depend upon preserving any tires in question before they deteriorate, please call so that we can begin the process of preserving important evidence.

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