Wrongful death as a result of a Maritime Accident

Unfortunately in the marine transportation industry injuries and work-related deaths are common. Workers put their lives on the line on a daily basis in order to perform their jobs. Many times, however, a fatality at the workplace was caused by the employer or a coworkers’ negligence and could have been avoided. It is the employer’s responsibility to take care of the safety of their employees by properly training them, providing them with protective equipment, and maintaining all equipment. In the event of a death, an investigation must be conducted in order to determine its cause.

In many cases, the bereaved family wishes to seek legal help from a Jones Act attorney who can fight on their behalf. A wrongful death suit is filed when a third party is found to be accountable for the death of another. When a towboat marine industry worker is killed while performing their job duties and the employer is believed to be at fault for either causing or failing to prevent the accident, then a wrongful death suit can be filed. A wrongful death suit is a civil action suit in which the accused is responsible for proving their innocence. If the deceased was working as a seaman, their surviving family members may be entitled to compensation under the Jones Act.

Damages that can be recovered under the Jones Act include:

• Loss of Support
• Loss of Inheritance
• Loss of Services of the Deceased
• Loss of Nurture, Guidance & Instruction
• Funeral Expenses (If Paid by Beneficiaries)

Work on the inland waters and rivers of the United States is physically demanding and dangerous, and serious injuries are all too common. Towboat and barge operation injuries include back injuries, head injuries, brain injuries, crush injuries, leg and arm injuries, fractures, and electrical shock. Unfortunately, sometimes the injuries result in death.

Because towboat work involves hazards, the law offers workers, including towboat and barge workers, special legal protections in the event of injury or death. An experienced Jones Act lawyer at can evaluate your accident and advise you on your legal options – free of charge.

If you or your loved one was killed in an accident while working on the inland waterways and rivers or at their maritime workplace, then you should seek legal help from an experienced Jones Act attorney immediately.

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